Original Certified Burmese Ruby Gemstone

But only original, GSI-certified, and finest quality old Burma Ruby from Nabgraha Gems, the jewel of gemstone shop in Kolkata. You can avail of original old Burmese rubies sourced from Myanmar at the best price here. Burmese rubies are well-known for their color, grace, and appearance. For richer and more adorable Red colored rubies, you should go for only Old Burmese rubies sourced from Myanmar (previously known as Burma) and these rubies are available at Nabgraha Gems, the gemstone store you can trust.  Burma chuni stone price differs depending on the stone's quality, cut, and clarity. Contact our store directly to know the price or browse at our store. 

Best Burmese Ruby Price In Kolkata

For the best competitive Burmese Ruby price in Kolkata, check out the best collection of Burmese Rubies at Nabgraha GemsYou can come across an assortment of Rubies originated in Burma at the most reliable and budget-friendly price. The burma chuni stone price varies based on rattis. You can avail here different types of Rubies in different shapes and sizes based on your budget. Generally, our old Burmese Ruby stone price starts from 20k per Ratti. So, you will pay according to the Ratti for the Ruby you shop from our store - online or offline. Shop now for Cushion Cut, Oval Cut, and Pear Cut Burmese Rubies with a Gem Testing Certificate only from Nabgraha Gems.