About Astrologer SK Abid

SK ABID - Best Astrologer in Kolkata

Astrologer SK Abid is one of the best astrologers in Kolkata. Apart from his vast knowledge and experience in astrology, he also has years of experience in gemology making him a genuine astrologer and gemologist in Kolkata. Astrologer SK Abid is also considered the best palm reader in Kolkata. Whether you are looking for precise astrological consultation and/or an experienced gemologist to buy the best and most A-Grade gemstone for the best outcome, contact leading Astrologer SK Abid.

He has over a decade of experience and a deep knowledge in the fields of astrology and gemology and believes that astrology and gemstones can transform people’s lives when they are combined well together. So if you want to experience positive changes in your professional and personal life, book your in-person or online appointment with Astrologer SK Abid to unlock your full potential.


What to Expect from Astrologer SK ABID

Leading Astrologer SK Abid is well-acclaimed because of his deep insight into the field of astrology, as well as gemology. Astrologer SK Abid is also considered a marriage astrology specialist in Kolkata. His consultation guides people with fitting ways to attain success or resolve issues. He also provides expert recommendation and guidance with gemstone remedies due to his vast experience.

Book your astrology consultation in Kolkata or online at Nabgraha Gems or click here to fill up this form and get:
  • A deep analysis of your birth chart with a detailed discussion
  • Genuine and honest predictions and gemstone remedies based on your birth chart analysis
  • A Q&A session after the analysis to answer your queries
  • Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality during and post-consultation.

Services Offered by Astrologer SK ABID

Astrologer SK Abid has been considered one of the best astrologer in Kolkata. Over his career, Astrologer SK Abid has been a guide to thousands of clients providing them guidance and solutions. He offers a wide range of services such as:


Astrologer SK Abid who has been considered the best astrologer in Kolkata, analyzes your and your partner’s horoscope before marriage and provides remedies to overcome challenges and balance incompatibilities.  Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, match-making consultancy provided at Nabgraha Gems ensures marital bliss and contentment.


Get expert guidance towards the right path in your career with leading Astrologer SK Abid. Whether you are looking for a lucrative job that enhances your career growth or are aspiring to build your own business, consult Astrologer SK Abid at Nabgraha Gems and get gemstone remedies that make way for a rise in your career path.


Now get rid of your marital and love-life issues with precise astrology and gemology consultation at Nabgraha Gems. Astrologer SK Abid will analyze your birth chart and prescribe you specific remedies to resolve love-related and/or marriage-life-related problems. His in-depth knowledge of astrology and gemstones always guides individuals with correct remedies and ensures happiness in love/marriage life.

Why Trust Astrologer SK ABID?

Astrologer SK Abid who is considered the best astrologer in Kolkata, is also a popular name in the field of gemology. The praise of his clients, a long list of awards and his overall success speaks for itself. If you consult Astrologer SK Abid, you are sure to get some results such as:
  • Consultation from a thoroughly experienced, generous, and friendly astrologer cum gemologist.
  • Authentic and result-oriented astrological consultation with fail-safe gemstone remedies.
  • Astrological and gemstone remedies without any bad consequences or side effects.
Besides astrological consultations, you can have certified precious and semi-precious gemstones with a guarantee card from one of the top astrological stone dealers in Kolkata, Nabgraha Gems at competitive rates.


What Clients Say About Astrologer SK Abid

I never knew astrology could be so accurate. Just a look at my chart, and Mr. SK Abid (astrologer) knew me more than I knew myself. I’m beyond impressed by the services they provide. All members of their staff are super friendly too. They also have a beautiful collection of precious and semi precious stones/gems which come with a guarantee. I bought myself a rose quartz bracelet and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Overall I had a wonderful experience at this store.

Mahima Gupta

Best Astrologer In Kolkata Astrologer Sk Abid. I didn't have a Date of Birth so he checked my hand. Best Palmist in Kolkata

Md. Tousif

He is the best astrologer I have ever seen all his predictions and things told about me is 100% correct and I am really satisfied after consulting with Astrologer Sk Abid Sir

Boni Pal


Astrology works as a tool to gain insights into various aspects of our lives. While it is not a guaranteed solution to life’s problems, it acts as a guidance that can assist people with specific issues or decisions.

If you do not have your date and time of birth, Astrologer SK Abid uses his vast knowledge and experience in palmistry and numerology to give you consultation, advice and solutions. If you do not have a birth chart already, we can prepare your birth chart for you. We can also send you a soft copy of your birth chart via Whatsapp/Email.

You can contact us to make an in-person or online appointment with Astrologer SK Abid by calling us on +91 87776 00243. You may also contact us via Whatsapp on +91 93307 88514 or fill our contact form for the same.

Gemstones are beautiful ornaments that can enhance your appearance, however, from an astrological perspective, while some gemstones can have a very positive impact in your life, others may not. Gemstones that are not suitable or compatible with the planetary energy depicted in your birth chart can have negative consequences in your life. So it is always advisable to get an astrological consultation before wearing a gemstone. Visit Nabgraha Gems to get a consultation with the best astrologer in Kolkata, Astrologer SK Abid to know which gemstones suit you best.

If you are focused on ONLY buying certified gemstones at the best prices in Kolkata, Nabgraha Gems is the best place. Nabgraha Gems only sells thoroughly tested and certified gemstones with guarantee cards which help you get a replacement if you receive a damaged gemstone. You can also meet with Astrologer SK Abid, a certified gemologist to get the best consultation for your gemstone.

Yes, you can visit Nabgraha Gems if you are in Kolkata. Our address is 47A, Rashbehari Avenue, next to Gate No. 5, Kalighat Metro Station, Kalighat, Kolkata - 700 026. Our showroom is open all 7 days a week and our showroom hours are 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Monday to Saturday) and 12:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Sunday).