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SK ABID - Best Astrologer in Kolkata

Astrologer SK ABID is one of the best astrologers in Kolkata. Apart from his knowledge and experience in astrology, he has years of experience in gemology and that’s why you can call him a genuine astrologer and gemologist in Kolkata. Whether you are looking for a precise astrological consultation and/or an experienced gemologist to buy the A-grade gemstone for a sure-fire outcome, contact Astrologer SK ABID.

He believes that astrology and gemstones can change your life when they are combined well together. So, if you want to experience a hike in your professional and personal life, book your appointment with Astrologer SK ABID and unlock your full potential.


What to Expect from Astrologer SK ABID

Astrologer SK ABID, is well-acclaimed because of his deep insight into astrology as well as gemology.  His consultation not only helps people find the fitting way to attain success but also fast-pacing the results due to the right gemstone remedies.

Book an astrology consultation in Kolkata at Nabgraha Gems and get entitled to have
  • A deep analysis of your birth chart with a detailed discussion
  • Genuine and honest predictions and gemstone remedies based on your birth chart analysis
  • A Q&A session after the analysis to answer your queries
  • Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality during and post-consultation.


Services Offered by Astrologer SK ABID

SK ABID is widely known as one of the best astrologers and gemologists in Kolkata. Over the years, he has guided countless people to improve their lives with opportunities and success through gemstone remedies.


Astrologer SK ABID analyzes your and your partner’s horoscope before marriage and provides remedies to overcome challenges and balance incompatibilities.  Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, match-making consultancy provided at Nabgraha Gems ensures marital bliss and contentment.


Be guided towards the right path of your career. Whether you are looking for a lucrative job or aspiring to build your own business, gemstone remedies provided by Astrologer SK ABID talk always.


Now get rid of your marital and love-life issues with precise astrology and gemology consultation at Nabgraha Gems. Astrologer SK ABID will analyze your birth chart and prescribe you specific remedies to resolve love-related and/or marriage-life-related problems. His in-depth knowledge of astrology and gemstones always guides individuals with correct remedies and ensures happiness in love/marriage life.


Apart from birth chart reading and astrological consultation, Astrologer SK ABID provides consultations on palmistry. Let your hand lines direct the best way to attain success, peace, and prosperity with a palmistry consultation at Nabgraha Gems. Palm reading needs intense knowledge and perseverance, and Astrologer SK ABID is an expert in this domain.


No matter, how big, small, new, or old your home/workplace is; Vastu Shastra can improve your life and bring back positivity and success in life when you have the right person as your guide. Get proper Vastu guidance and remedies to improve the Vastu (Positive ‘CHI’) for your home and workplace with a Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Astrologer SK ABID.

Why Trust Astrologer SK ABID?

Astrologer SK ABID is an absolute popular name in the domain of astrology and gemology. Once you count on him for astrology consultation, you will obtain a set of benefits including
  • Consultation from a thoroughly experienced, generous, and friendly astrologer cum gemologist.
  • Authentic and result-oriented astrological consultation with fail-safe gemstone remedies.
  • Astrological and gemstone remedies without any bad consequences or side effects.
Besides astrological consultations, you can have certified precious and semi-precious gemstones with a guarantee card from one of the top astrological stone dealers in Kolkata, Nabgraha Gems at competitive rates.

What Client’s Say

“ Today the 77 th Independence day. I just visit Nabgraha Gems, consult with SK Abid Sir about my career and relationship. Received good advice from Abid Sir relating to my career and relationship. He advised me two gemstones and eager to get them and looking for good days.
A good place for consultation and gemstone. ”


Biswanath Santra

“ Astrologer Sk Abid Sir is one of the best astrologer I have come across in my life. I came to know about him through Google. I was devastated at that time and searching for an honest astrologer who can show me the right path and I was so lucky that I found him. His predictions were 100% true and on point. He gave me every logical explanation about my problems and guided me with the remedies. I have been following everything and I am getting positive results. recommend everyone who is in need of guidance to meet him. ”



“ I met Sk Abid Sir yesterday... as an astrologer he is pretty good... he told me regarding my past from where I actually made out that yeah he is someone you can trust... m looking forward to order for the stones which all he suggested me. ”


Sushmita Chakraborty


Yes, you can. If you want to buy your gemstone with in personal visit, Nabgraha Gems welcomes you. Our store remains open from Monday to Sunday. You can visit any day you wish. At our showroom, you can have a look at our collection of gemstones directly. Astrologer SK ABID who is also a certified gemologist in Kolkata can help you choose the best gemstone according to your budget and necessity.

Nabgraha Gems is one the renowned gemstone stores in Kolkata online. You can browse an array of precious and semi-precious here and choose one for you. Now, to buy a gemstone from the store online, you need to follow a simple process. Just click the ‘Contact Us Now’ tab (you will find it just below the product description). Then you need to fill out a form with your details including name, contact number, email address, and subject. Once you submit the form, one of the executives from Nabgraha Gems contact you and guide you further for a successful purchase.

If you want to buy only tested, genuine, and certified gemstones at the best price in Kolkata, Nabgraha Gems is second to none. The store sells only thoroughly tested and certified gemstones here with guarantee cards. Even, you can buy gemstones here with the guidance of one of the best gemologists in Kolkata, Astrologer SK ABID. and, the guarantee card helps you to get a replacement if you receive a damaged gemstone.

Astrological consultation improves life when you visit a genuine astrologer like Astrologer SK ABID. You may be a gemstone adorer and make it normal to wear gemstones depending on your preferences. But, it is not correct from the perspective of astrology. Because, when a gemstone can bring positive changes in life, other gemstones can ruin your life too if they are not suitable with the planetary energy that is depicted in your birth chart. So, it is highly recommended to consult with an astrologer before wearing a gemstone.

A guarantee card proves the authenticity of the gemstones you are about to buy. It indicates that the gemstone is tested along with its color, cut, polish, weight in carats, origin, treatment type, and value. Even, the card shows the warranty information of the gemstone provided by the retailer and/or wholesaler.  Always buy gemstones from astrological stone dealers in Kolkata to buy only original gemstones with guarantee cards.

If you buy gemstones from an astrologer cum gemologist in Kolkata, you will do justice to your investment. When an astrologer can prescribe the best and most personalized gemstone according to your birth chart, a gemologist helps you identify the right gemstone with grade, appraisal, cut, color, and weight based on his knowledge. Above all, you will get certified gemstones from a gemologist who ensures authenticity.